About Me

I grew up in Northern Ireland, where the wild and dramatic coastline is embraced by gentle, green rolling hills and glens. Home of the legendary giant Finn MacCool who in order to fight a Scottish giant, wrecked havoc with the rocks and created the UNESCO world heritage site known as the Giant’s Causeway. I also have some lesser known, but equally impressive, neighbours such as the Irish medieval Dunluce Castle whose ancient walls proudly wear the battle scars of the past.  Last but not least, is our best kept secret, The Glens of Antrim which quietly guards its magical and elusive underworld of fairies and elves. Then, just down the road, there is The Old Bushmills Distillery, the oldest licensed distillery in the world.  Famous for its 'Black Bush' whiskey, which has, no doubt, contributed to many of the myths and legends we were told of as children. The storytellers of my youth lit a spark of imagination in my mind and the poets and musicians I met along the way inflamed it.  
From the moment I picked up a camera I was hooked and with the aid of digital art I found a way to translate my thoughts and imagination into something physical, be it print or film. Looking through my lens changes my view of the world and lifts the veil on the hidden magic around us. I am looking for the unseen and unheard which so often passes us by. I love to photograph my local Northern Irish coast, its scenery, architecture, flora and fauna, seeking out the extraordinary in the ordinary or a fleeting moment in time.
I hope you enjoy my images as much as I enjoyed creating them.  If you wish to purchase any of them just contact me through the contact page on this site and I will be happy to arrange for a professional local print lab to provide you with a print in any size of your choice.  If you have any questions or queries please contact me, I am happy to be of help.  Thank you.